Frequently Asked Questions

Lexmark FAQ

*Note: For print server environment, go to “Advanced” > “Printing Defaults” instead
  1. Go to “Devices and Printers”
  2. Open the print driver that you want to make changes
  3. Select Printing Preferences
  4. Select “Print in black and white”

When printing same file multiple times, select/check “Keep duplicate documents”

*Make sure your Mac OS X system software is up to date

  1. From the Apple menus, navigate to either of the following: System Preferences > Print & Scan or System Preferences > Print & Fax.
  2. Click on the [+] sign and then the Default Tab.
  3. On the Default tab, select (highlight) the printer from the list of discovered printers. 
    Option: For printers that do not support Bonjour, select IP tab, select  HP JetDirect Socket under the Protocol tab, and then enter the printer IP Address.
  4. The system will automatically search for the applicable driver. 
    Note: If the printer driver is not found, select it manually from the Print Using drop-down list. Click Others and search for your printer model’s corresponding PPD file.
  5. Click Add. A print queue will now be created under system preferences.
    To verify this: Go to System Preferences > Print and Scan or System Preferences > Print and Fax.
  • Creation of a graphic with a company logo for use as an overlay.
  • Printing the logo as a print file (.prn) by temporary changing the “printer port” setting to “Print to File”. 
  • Download of the .prn file to the printer’s RAM, flash, or hard drive. From “Control Panel” > “Device and Printers” > “Lexmark Universal XL driver” > Properties > Overlays
  • Selection of the overlay in a printing scenario.  File > Print > Properties > Overlays

Detail instruction from Lexmark support

Kyocera FAQ

Use the following procedure to print out network status page of the newer Kyocera MFP (come with color touch screen)

  • Press the System Menu key.
  • Press [Report] and [Next] of Print Report.
  • Press [Print] for the report you want to print. Printing starts.
  • A confirmation screen appears. Press [Yes].
Following example scan document to network share \\\scandocs
*Note: For print server environment, go to “Advanced” > “Printing Defaults” instead
  1. Go to “Devices and Printers”
  2. Open the print driver that you want to make changes
  3. Select Printing Preferences
  4. Select black and white icon (see picture below)
  1. Scan to Email, all is required is to enable the SMTP protocol and input the SMTP Server name/address and the default send from address. The default send from address does not have to be a real one e.g. . The scan image will be received as an email attachment.
  2. Scan to SMB, a contact (address) has to be created in the address book. It required “Host Name” which is the name or IP address of the computer that receives the scan image. “Path” which is the file share name and the “User Name” and “Password” of the user that have write access to the file share
  3. Scan to FTP, is similar to the Scan to SMB but it required a FTP server. Our FTP Software Utility can be used to turn your computer to a small FTP server.

Please look at the PDF file below or the Video for more detail

Extract from 3050/4050/5050 user guide

Basic Scan Setup video

Go to

  1. Select the printer/MFP and choose directly download PPD. Remember where you saved the PPD file
  2. System Preferences -> Print & Fax click the + to add a new printer.  (please see FAQ Printer Installation under Apple MAC OS X 10.5 for more detail)
  3. Select your printer, wait for the system to choose “Generic PostScript Printer” under Print Using. Change Print Using to “Other”  and browse to the file you downloaded.
  4. The value in Print Using will change to Kyocera xxxxx. Click Add, check any options you have installed on your printer, click Continue and you are done.


4 Office Meter Read Service Software

Send all feedback/comments/problems to

Can be downloaded here: SIMS DOWNLOAD

This is 4 Office owned software, run as service, requires Microsoft dotnet 4.0 or higher.

It can be uninstalled using "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove software"

Default install path:
C:\Program Files\4 Offce Automation\4 Office Meter Read Tool

What does it do?

Automatic "auto-discover" local subnet print devices, 
sends print device meter read and status information to 4 Office using web services technology. 
Eliminates the need of manual meter read collection. 
Meter read collection is required for billing purposes. 
If the software is not used, someone will have to contact 4 Office to send the information 

If the print devices are not within the same subnet of the computer that runs the software, a file called 
can be added to the 
C:\Program Files\4 Office Automation\4 Office Meter Read Tool
directory in order to discover different subnet print devices. The iprange.txt syntax is:
start-ip-address comma end-ip-address
e.g. , ,


This software uses standard web services technology.  It should be compatible with most standard firewall.
If the firewall or proxy server requires authentication, 
you might have to change the service account that run this software service from "System" to other user account.

User interface

There is none. The result of network printer discovery is in the file call "simsresult.txt".
Please copy this file to a different location before opening it.
Opening the file in the current location might interfere with the operation of the software.