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4 Office Meter Read Service Software

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Can be downloaded at "Software Downloads" page or "Download Now"

This is 4 Office owned software, run as service, requires Microsoft dotnet 4.0 or higher.

It can be uninstalled using "Control Panel"->"Add/Remove software"

Default install path:
C:\Program Files\4 Offce Automation\4 Office Meter Read Tool

What does it do?

Automatic "auto-discover" local subnet print devices, 
sends print device meter read and status information to 4 Office using web services technology. 
Eliminates the need of manual meter read collection. 
Meter read collection is required for billing purposes. 
If the software is not used, someone will have to contact 4 Office to send the information 

If the print devices are not within the same subnet of the computer that runs the software, a file called 
can be added to the 
C:\Program Files\4 Office Automation\4 Office Meter Read Tool
directory in order to discover different subnet print devices. The iprange.txt syntax is:
start-ip-address comma end-ip-address
e.g. , ,


This software uses standard web services technology.  It should be compatible with most standard firewall.
If the firewall or proxy server requires authentication, 
you might have to change the service account that run this software service from "System" to other user account.

User interface

There is none. The result of network printer discovery is in the file call "simsresult.txt".
Please copy this file to a different location before opening it.
Opening the file in the current location might interfere with the operation of the software.